Air Ambulance Aircraft

Air Ambulance Network arranges aero medical transports in a few different ambulance airplanes. Including our Twin aircraft, Turbo prop aircraft, and jet aircraft.

Ambulance Aircrafts used by Air Ambulance Network:

Twin Aircraft

A twin engine piston propeller aircraft, most are pressurized for your comfort. These are used for the shorter trips less than 500 miles with patients that are more stable. Normal cruise speed is 200-300 mile per hour and in most cases are limited to only one passenger. Examples of these aircraft we utilize are the Cessna 421, Cessna 414 and Piper Navajo.

Turbo Prop Aircraft

Twin turbine engine aircraft that are propeller driven. All are pressurized cabins and capable of flying over most weather. These are typically used for short to mid range trips under 900 miles. Accommodations for luggage and additional passengers can be limited. Examples are the Beech King Air, and Piper Cheyenne.

Jet Aircraft

The flagship of the fleet and have two fan jet engines and are the most comfortable and fastest. Jet aircraft are capable of flying at attitudes with the commercial airliners and over or in 90% of the weather. All are operated by two highly trained pilots and offer pressurized cabins and most all have lavatories. These are a must for the most critical patients or when time is critical. These aircraft offer the most room to accommodate luggage, passengers and or additional patients. With the extreme flexibility the jet aircraft offer they are the most widely utilized. The jets mission can be short range to extended long range. Due to the long range and high reliability the jet offers they are ideal for Medical Evacuations (Medevac) and the only option for extended over water flights and Transatlantic and Transpacific flights. Examples of some of these aircraft include the Citation jets, Learjet’s and Gulfstream.

Customized Options

In addition to the above leased aircraft we can arrange Aero Medical flights on Large Transport Airliner aircraft that are capable of non-stop transcontinental flights and can be configured for the highest VIP floor plan.