Air Ambulance Transfer Questions

Can Family or Friends accompany the patient?

Family members/passengers may travel without charge. The number of passenger is based on the aircraft, the patient’s health, and the length of the transport. Typically one or two passengers can fly along with the patient. If the patient is highly unstable and may require significant interventions during flight, the flight team may choose to limit the passengers that accompany the patient. This would be determined in advance of the transport.  Please see that all passengers have a government issued photo ID with them if they are over the age of 16 for domestic flights and have a current passport for international flights.

Do I need a jet, Turbo Prop or twin aircraft?

Jet Aircraft have global (Worldwide) reach and are a must for long International flights such as from the US to Hawaii or Canada to Europe. The primary difference is the cost as jet aircraft are primarily the most expensive.

How much luggage can I bring?


Luggage is limited due to the amount of equipment on board the aircraft. We normally limit luggage to one 24″ medium size carry on pieces total. AIR AMBULANCE NETWORK will be more than happy to assist you with shipping additional luggage and/or packages at the customers’ expense.  For domestic flights this is very easy to arrange and cost effective however, for International shipping this requires additional paperwork

If you have any additional or special Items like Wheelchairs, guns, liquids, batteries or any items you will to traveling with that is consider hazardous. Please check with a flight Coordinator about these items as some maybe considered Hazardous by the Dept of Transportation (DOT) and are not allowed on aircraft.


What do I have to do to fly my patient or loved one?


One call to 800-327-1966 does it all. Our team manages the entire process for you. When you call to schedule a trip, our flight coordinators will request the following information: (See our printable “Air Ambulance Guide” on the website).

  • Sending and receiving facilities along with to and from locations.
  • Sending and receiving physician information.
  • Date and time you would like the patient to travel.
  • Method of payment.

Our flight coordinators will then do the rest. They manage communications between facilities, physicians, case managers, admission personal, airports, ambulances and families. Furthermore, they schedule ground transportations on both ends of the transport and coordinate with the medical flight teams.


What is needed for International Travel?

International Passengers and Patients Must have the following:  Goverment issued current Passport, If you don’t have it with you, we will need to get special travel documents for you.

What kind of Air Ambulance services do you offer?

Air Ambulance Network provides a variety of Advanced Air Ambulance Transport Services from Critical Care to elective air medical transport. Services offered include Private Air Ambulance including a wide range of aircraft to include airliners.  Aircraft are equipped as flying mobile Intensive Care units and are capable of care from the most basic patient to the Critical Care (ICU) patient. 


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