Air Critical Care Air Ambulance

Arranging the highest level of medical care since 1971

Air Ambulance Network’s air critical care air ambulance or medivac services are needed when the individual cannot travel by normal means, such as by car or by commercial airline, due to their condition. Elderly patients utilize air ambulances frequently and also those that require IV fluids, oxygen, a ventilator, or overall medical monitoring throughout the transfer.

Specially trained medical personnel

We can arrange a critical care Air Ambulance Service domestically or internationally.  The patient will be transported on a medically equipped aircraft with a critical care team consisting of a Certified Flight Nurse and/or Certified Flight Paramedic, specially trained in flight physiology. Depending on the configuration of the aircraft, at least one passenger may accompany the patient at no additional cost.

We use the latest technology

Through the use of advanced medical equipment and our exceptional team of Medical Flight Coordinators, Air Ambulance Network can arrange for almost any aircraft to be transformed into a flying intensive care unit. Our ICU/CCU team of highly trained personnel that specialize in critical care use the latest technology, including; cardiac monitors, defibrillators, IV pumps, transport ventilators, oxygen and saturation monitors, intra-aortic balloon pumps (IABP), full size stretchers, Neonate newborn incubators, baby pods, and much more.

Our bedside to bedside service

Air Ambulance or Medivac services arrange the highest level medical transportation care available. The patient does not have to be in a critical care condition to take advantage of this service. Our medical staff coordinates with your doctor to ascertain any specific requirements for your travel day. Air Critical care specialists on board will monitor and treat loved ones while in the air. Flight Coordinators on the ground, available 24/7, will ensure everything runs seamlessly from bedside to bedside and remain in frequent contact with your family to give them updates. We take care of everything.

You are our number 1 priority

Since our family pioneered the Air Care industry over 40 years ago, we were among the first to specialize in long term acute care (LTAC) medical transportation and long distance Medevac services. We have had the privilege to work with patients in crisis in every age group. Air Ambulance Network ensures that your child, husband, wife, parent, or grandparent receives exceptional care throughout their time with us.

Our Guarantee to you:

  • We will be fully available to you 24/7
  • Direct contact with your coordinator who knows you and your loved one’s situation every step of the way
  • Bedside to bedside service
  • Tailored solutions for you and your loved one’s specific needs

Air Ambulance Network