Air Ambulance Network Testimonials


We could not have been more pleased with the services and professionalism of Air Ambulance Network. The coordinator, Terri, anticipated all of our needs and took care of every aspect of the transfer from coordinating with the hospital caseworker to arranging nurse to nurse and nurse to doctor communication. All of our questions were answered promptly and Terri was always available to arrange for last minute details, including an airline ticket for my sister to accompany my mother. The escort nurse was wonderful and patient with my mother, who has a language barrier and needed to be carried to and from the wheelchair. The ground transportation was prompt and airport security was completely pre-arranged so that my mother had no problems or anxiety through the entire transfer from the hospital. Thank you so much for being so professional and caring at a difficult time.”

– Eva Chan

“Terri was helpful throughout this process, from the time that I made initial inquiry until the day after the flight. Your price was about $3,000 less than the nearest competitor and their response to questions was late.

It was a professional and thoughtful group of people on your part. That fact made the move so much less stressful than it otherwise would have been, since the moving of an elderly relative is such a concern to all involved. “

– Russell Kelley

Commercial Medical Escort from New York, NY to Phoenix, AZ

“The entire staff at Air Ambulance Network went over and above board to make sure that not only was my mother extremely well taken care of, but that my father also was comfortable. The medical escort even asked me my father’s interests and previous employment so that he could converse with him on a personal level. The communication between everyone at air ambulance and myself was beyond superb. From the minute my parents left the nursing home in NY, I was comfortable that they were in the best of hands.”

Thank you all,

– Vicki Batkin

“Hi, Terri! 

Thank you for your kind note. Mom knew we had moved her up to NC and she was able to be visited by her grandson – knowing folks took great steps to insure she would be with family, surrounded by love.

Your arrangements were great – the ground transport folks on the NC were super.

Yours is wonderful and important work, and while I’m sure it can be terribly frustrating – and sad- at times (or maybe continually) – don’t lose heart!

Families truly are grateful for all you do!”


– (Pastor) K. Kirkpatrick


My family cannot thank you enough for the compassionate, professional, and speedy service Air Ambulance Network provided this week.

From the very first phone call to get a price quote, it was clear that AAN is not just about doing business – it’s about helping families through a stressful and difficult time. Kirk was respectful and helpful from the beginning and followed up immediately any time I had questions. We really liked not only the services offered, but the customer service that we felt comfortable with. 

Kirk scrambled to arrange for transport of my mother as soon as possible – the very day that put the paperwork through. I did not travel on the flight, so I can’t speak to how that went (though, my parents said it went very smoothly) – but I can tell you how much I appreciated the flight updates every step of the way. I can’t speak highly enough about the AAN team. Everyone truly treated us as I would expect they would treat their own family members during such an ordeal. 

Thank you for everything you have done for our family.”

– Deb Baum

“Terri did a great job with little cooperation from the Social Services at the attending facility. She made it all so easy for us. I would check an even higher category than extremely satisfied if you had one!”

– Valarie P. Pannier

“Everything – All services EXCELLENT from start to finish!!”

– M. Mansdorf

“The service was swift and efficient. All the flight information was gathered quickly and was called back in an hour, just as promised. When the doctor changed our plans mid-step the flight coordinator was very quick to make alternate flight arrangements which suited our needs perfectly.”

– E. Benson

“Dear Air Ambulance Network Staff,

Thank you for the opportunity to complete your survey. However, describing our experience with your company would not be complete without this accompanying letter of gratitude.

From the first contact to your company to the last, each member of our family was treated with respect and care during an extremely stressful time. When our situation became even more complicated with a cancellation and then a decision to re-book in the span of less than twenty-four hours, you continued to provide quality service that went above and beyond with your extremely generous financial considerations.

We continue to walk the road of recovery, albeit a long one. We know we are running a marathon, not a sprint. We can’t see the finish line yet, but your staff helped us get to the starting line when no one else could. For that we always will be grateful.

We will be happy to serve as a reference if it is ever needed. Thank you again for your excellent work.”


The family of Terry Gilbert
Lois Gilbert
Marcia Gilbert Shetler
Beth Gilbert Gallo

“Everything went very smoothly and would recommend to anyone needing this type of service.”

– Roberta Bevilacqua

“Mom was failing a little more each day. All she wanted was to return to upstate New York. Air Ambulance made this possible.”

– Sharon Markey

Client Letters to Air Ambulance Network

Here are just a few of our client letters about the high quality of  service Air Ambulance Network has provided.  Air Ambulance Networks dedication to quality shows, from the first call.

December 20012 – Letter from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

“Air Ambulance Network; Thank God, you were so VERY PERSISTENT working with our health Insurance (United HealthCare) for my daughter and you insured that we got the HELP, that we so desperately needed! Your service was the Very Best!

– Mary A. Jacobs , Mother

“With the rapid growth of our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and transport program, we foresee the increased use of air transport. The quality product you provide allows us to feel comfortable sending you our patients.”

– Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital at Memorial

“We are indebted to your company, and particularly to the outstanding and first class intensive care that our doctor received. This care was given not only during his transfer by jet to New York, but for the initial 3-4 hours evaluating him at Jackson Memorial Intensive Care Unit, where the severity of his respiratory acidosis was of great concern both to myself and to Stephon. Thanks to the expert respiratory management that you and Ed gave to our doctor during the initial evaluation phase, the critical adjustment of his T-Bird ventilator, and his expert management during transfer, he arrived in New York with gases which were actually improved compared to those at the time of discharge from Miami.”

“What obviously made this possible was not only the sophisticated and state of the art equipment, but the meticulous care and supervision and monitoring he received during transport to and from both hospitals and during the air flight.”

 – New York University Medical Center

“The purpose of this letter is to thank the flight crew for their kind and caring service. We are aware that we paid for their services, however, each person in the crew was pleasant and friendly and made an effort to make both my husband, the patient, and myself as comfortable as possible. Jackie, his nurse was terrific, from the moment we boarded she did everything to ensure my husband’s comfort and that was just what we both needed. It helps to know that in times of crisis you can depend on virtual strangers who will go out of their way to make things more comfortable for you.”

– Sharon and Al Simon

“Just a quick, but heartfelt note to express our appreciation to you and your terrific staff at Air Ambulance Network, for all you have done in these recent days to safely and comfortably bring our father back home from Florida. You, James Olsen and the others I have had contact with in your office, are some of the most compassionate and professional individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

From my first phone call you replaced my apprehensions with assured confidence of a successful transfer to his nursing facility at home.

My Thanks. and my best complements for a job well done.”

Yours truly, 

– Dr. Joel Golub

“Everything was First Rate! This level of customer service is rare these days. As a Hospital Chief Operating Officer I encounter many firms that make promises and commitments then don’t deliver. Your staff is First Rate. I would highly recommend Air Ambulance Network they are prompt and reliable service with excellent patient care!”

– Linda Summers

“You came highly recommended and I see why! My father was on the plane in 5 hours. GREAT SERVICE!!”

– Allison Bethel

“During a family vacation to Honolulu in January, my father Carl J. Reber broke his hip; with his health deteriorating rapidly he wanted to go home to Maryland. I called the insurance company that refused to pay and ask who they would use and they referred us to Air Ambulance Network.

The family had been under stress as we dealt with my father in the hospital. That all changed when we call Air Ambulance Network. From the moment I called your company, there was calm, a friendly voice on the other end throughout. True to your word, my father landed safely at Dulles Airport and was whisked away to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.

Once again, my family and I can’t thank you enough for helping us grant my fathers last wish-to again be home in Maryland with family and friends by his side.”

– Janet Reber Freeman
Rockville, MD

“The Hospital Case Manager recommended your service and only your service. My husband said the pilot and nurse were OUTSTANDING he especially was impressed with the female pilot and her level o professionalism. Coordinating all of this was a Christmas miracle for us!”

– Nancy Walker
Grand Rapids, MI

“The medical staff and personnel were helpful, friendly and tried to be accommodating to our every need. They were gracious in providing water and sodas.”

– Joyce Croft

“We never used an Air Ambulance before, but your people were very professional and caring. Thank you so much for helping us in our hour of need.”

 – Robert Martin

“Everything went smoothly, could not ask for a better service!”

– Patsy Wylie

“Kirk was very sincere and compassionate with our situation. He made a difficult time much easier to bar. We are very grateful to him and the staff at Air Ambulance Network.”

– Rita Fitzpatrick

“This was the first time and I hope the last time but, the service was a life saver. A ten out of ten could not have been better. We liked the very personal contact with the family.”

– Carol Graham

“I put my dad into Air Ambulance Network hands and I was not sure what to expect other than to know my expectations were very high. And I thank you for your empathy, kindness and the highest level of professionalism. You exceeded expectations! You are special people doing a very special job.”

– Roger Downs

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you and especially the wonderful medical and flight team for saving my life by rapidly transporting me from Marseilles, France to Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes, Indiana on July 19, 1997. The French doctors had overlooked several serious medical complications which would, in my estimation, have been fatal within 48 to 72 hours if I had remained in France any longer.”

– Michael E. Murray, M.D., F.A.C.P.

“Thank You, for the extremely knowledgeable service.  The Medical staff and company overall was great.”

– Henk Bosman

“Extremely Pleased with all aspects of the service, staff and prompt and professional service and staff. Kirk Pacheco was great. “

-Jean Hazlitt

Air Ambulance Network