Non-emergency Medical Transport

Non-emergency medical transport allows patients who may be unable to travel under normal circumstances due to required medical observation to travel safely from one place to another. Sometimes, patients who are in a non-life threatening state, but are otherwise unable to travel by normal means are forced to use non-emergency medical transportation due to oxygen requirements, mobility issues, and an assortment of other medical limitations. Cross-state or cross-country travel requirements for medical reasons are a burden. The drive may take too long for the patient to remain comfortable and the process associated with commercial flights may be too stressful. Therefore, we offer an alternative means of transportation – non-emergency medical transport services.

In order to serve as many patients as possible, we have a transportation assistance program with a multitude of options to select from:

  • Fixed-Wing Air Ambulance Service
  • Commercial Medical Escort Service
  • International Commercial Medical Stretcher
  • Long-Distance Ground Transportation
Our fixed-wing air ambulance service offers twin engines, turbo props and Lear jets, depending on the needed duration of the flight. We determine which aircraft will work best for the patient travel plans and correspondingly, their budget. Due to our well-trained medical staff, all of our aircrafts are equipped to handle any type of medical condition or emergency that may be experienced in-flight. We pride ourselves on providing a full medical bed to bed service to keep our patients as comfortable and calm as possible.

Convenience of Commercial Medical Escort Services

Our Commercial Medical Escort service is most applicable for patients who cannot travel and maneuver through the ins and outs of busy airports by themselves. This makes our commercial medical transportation services extremely convenience and cost effective. A qualified Flight Nurse or Flight Paramedic will travel with the patient and be beside them throughout the duration of their traveling to take care of all the stress associated with traveling in crowded airports. Our International Commercial Medical Stretcher service is available for patients who cannot stand for more than an hour or two without being completely exhausted or who must lay flat throughout the trip. This service is only available when the departure or arrival destination is in a separate country than the flight’s origin. Our Long-distance ground transportation service is a wonderful financial alternative to air medical escorts. With a team of two professional drivers and an impeccable safety record, we are certain you will remain comfortable throughout the duration of your drive.

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