Company Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have references available?

Yes, we have an extensive list of current and past clients. Air Ambulance Network sends out Quality Performance Surveys for each transfer that Air Ambulance Network arranges. These surveys serve not only as quality control feedback, but also as real time references for our future patients and their families. We are proud to say that our client post service follow up is extremely positive.  Please visit our testimonials page to read what our clients are saying about us.

How long has Air Ambulance Network been in business providing air medical services?

Air Ambulance Network has been arranging and providing air ambulance service since 1971! AIr Ambulance Network was born out of a simple request from a patient of Barbara Hutner. Air AMbulance Network has been providing Medical Escorts, Air Ambulances, and even International Commercial Stretcher Service and Medevacs. Air AMbulance Network has always put patient care first. Since 1971 Air Ambulance Network has been an innovator and leader in the medical transportation industry. After the US military we are the oldest Air Ambulance in the United States.  Today we still arrange and provide the highest level of care in Air Ambulance and Commercial Medical Escorts.  We perform Medical flights and medevacs worldwide.

What is the difference between Air Ambulance Network and other air ambulance providers?

Air Ambulance Network is Family owned and has been providing air medical flights since 1971. We are the largest provider and we provide everything from medical escorts to Private Air Ambulances in twin engine air ambulances, Learjet air ambulances and larger air ambulances upon request. We have provided services for many governments and have serviced patients in almost every country in the world. We arrange the highest quality of care. In addition, the aircraft selected are dedicated flying Intensive Care Units.

Who is the director of medical flights?

We have a true medical director overseeing every flight.

Dr. Stanley Thomas (Medical Director) is an emergency room physician in Tampa Florida. He also is active in the emergency departments in Kansas City, Kansas. He has been active in the aero Medicine for over 20 years.


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