Air Ambulance Network Team Members

Assembling your crew

The Air Ambulance and Medical Escort flight teams are comprised of one to three members. These teams are formed by our medical director based on these factors: 

  • Patient’s care requirement
  • Patient’s medical condition
  • Length of the transfer 

The teams are comprised of Critical Care Registered Nurses (CCRN), Critical Care Flight Nurses (CCFN), Critical Care Paramedic (CCEMTP), and/or Registered Respiratory Tech. (RRT).

The most commonly used team consists of two highly trained critical care professionals. A Physician may be added should a patient be travelling in an unstable or critical condition or in specialty cases, such as pediatric or neonate.  Any Medical Escort transfer that lasts over 13 hours requires a minimum two-person medical team to accompany the patient from bedside to bedside.  Our “full team” is a three member team that includes a Physician. 

Highly trained and seasoned professionals

Medical operations and staff are supervised by Dr. Stanley Thomas MD, an emergency medicine board certified physician. Our medical team members work in local emergency rooms, intensive care units, and fire departments to maintain their skill sets and are continually receiving the most up to date training through partner hospitals or medical units.

Our medical groups receive additional training in Aero Medical physiology, Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Critical Care for the severely ill or injured.  All medical team members have at least five years of critical care experience, logged hundreds of medical flights, and have extensive international experience performing Aero Medical Transports.

All reviews of personnel are conducted by the Medical Director / Chief Flight Nurse. 

Air Ambulance Network