Air Ambulance Services for Patients and Family Members

We take care of everything

“One Call Does It All.”  You’ve heard this before.  Well, believe it or not, that’s actually all you need with Air Ambulance Network.  Our goal is to take away the burden of organizing transportation of a loved one from you so that you may concentrate on their care instead.  Unlike other companies which take a day or more to set up medical transfers, our goal is to never take more than an hour.  Your assigned flight coordinator, who will work with you every step of the way, will continually communicate all the details by whichever means you prefer: phone, fax, email, or text.

To get started, all the information we need is:

  • The name of the sending and receiving facilities
  • The date that you would like the transfer to take place
  • Any insurance information available
Our team will contact the attending facility to obtain a complete medical report and patient history.  Even if you don’t have a specific date or receiving bed, we can still start our process.  Then, once those two final details are in place, we can accomplish the medical transfer as quickly as possible.

Air Ambulance or Medevac Flights

Air Ambulances or Medevac Flights are used for patients who are hospitalized and not able to travel via normal commercial airlines or by car. Air ambulance or air evacuation can be to another state or to another country. These air ambulance flights can provide oxygen and advanced life support, including patients requiring ventilators.  Wherever you need to go, Air Ambulance Network will get you there. Often, elderly patients require IV fluids and oxygen and overall medical monitoring throughout the transfer. A critical medical team accompanies the patient during the flight.  This team can be made up of a paramedic or nurse, both being critical care certified.

Commercial Flights

Alternatively, if the patient can tolerate sitting up in a wheelchair, a medical escort can be provided on a commercial airliner in business or first class sections, whenever possible. These medical escorts provide a high level of care, yet without the cost of an air ambulance. We will evaluate each patient for the most cost effective means of transportation.

Insurance Concierge

Did you know that Air Ambulance Network offers an insurance concierge?  This means that we handle the finer details between you and your insurance company to get you the maximum coverage possible. If a claim is ever denied, we will submit the appeal for you and keep you in the know.

Our Guarantee to you:

  • We will be fully available to you 24/7
  • Direct contact with your coordinator who knows you and your loved one’s situation every step of the way
  • Bedside to bedside service
  • Tailored solutions for you and your loved one’s specific needs

Air Ambulance Network