International Commercial Stretcher Questions

How much advance notice is needed?

Normally it takes 7-10 days advance notice to make the necessary arrangements.

Is there a limit on where you can provide this service?

Yes, this service is NOT available in the United States or with US air carriers and is limited to a few International Airlines. There are very specific guidelines and numerous restrictions.

What medical equipment can be used on the commercial airliner?

We are permitted to use all of our Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment which includes Ventilators, oxygen, cardiac monitors, IV fluid pumps and emergency drugs.

What’s all included in the quote?

AIR AMBULANCE NETWORK’s written quotes are all-inclusive. There are no hidden charges or add-ons. They include ground transportation, air transportation, medications and supplies, and of course the professional services of the Medical Flight Team. Any special permits involved with international travel will be included. When comparing AIR AMBULANCE NETWORK to other providers’ quotes, please be sure to obtain their quote in writing for your protection. Furthermore, please compare the level of care, number, education and capabilities of the team members. Many providers send only one medical team member and they may not be trained to the high level that is required for Aero Medical services. At, AIR AMBULANCE NETWORK you always have two highly trained critical care team members on board the aircraft regardless of the patient’s status. If an emergency should arise, they are there to provide care immediately.  

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