Air Ambulance Guide

Air Ambulance Network, has compiled this printable guide to assist those inquiring about any air medical transportation service; Air Ambulance, Commercial Escort or a Commercial Stretcher Service. It would be helpful to be prepared to provide the following to the Flight Coordinator:

  • Patients NAME
  • Patients DATE OF BIRTH
  • Patients WEIGHT & HEIGHT
  • Medical Condition: Can the patient sit, or ambulate, Special Diets
  • Reason for transfer
  • Callers Info – include phone number contacts

Passengers accompanying with patient.

Financial considerations:

  • Does patient require special equipment like (Oxygen, Ventilator, IV)
  • Does the patient have health insurance? If Yes, Copy of Insurance Cards
  • Contact information for financial arrangements?

Note* Be prepared to have an e-mail or fax number that’s convenient to receive documents from Air Ambulance Network.

The above information will allow the flight coordinator to provide the available options and quotes for the level of services available for the patient.

Upon acceptance of the quotation, the flight coordinator will e-mail or fax an Authorization to Proceed, which will outline the complete level of service, legal notices, our HIPAA privacy policy and outlines the final financial arrangements. Air Ambulance Networks’ Medical staff will obtain a detailed medical report from the medical care givers and confirm the receiving facility information to include;

  • Receiving Facility bed placement
  • Receiving Doctor
  • Receiving Facility Address

Flight Coordinator will select an aircraft thats strategically located, notify the the medical team and obtain detailed report from discharging hospital. All flights are under the supervision of the Medical Director for Air Ambulance Network.

Additional Information

International Transfers

Please be prepared to provide for each passenger; legible copies of a current non expired passport, visas and travel documents. Best will be an electronic copy such as e-mail. If you don’t have a copy of the passport; Please be prepared to provide the following; Full Legal Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Passport Number, Passport Expiration Date and Home Address.

Medical Health Insurance Coverage

If the patient has medical health insurance, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Copy of the recent H&P (Health and Physical) from the Hospital or discharging facility.
  • Copy of the Health Insurance Cards both front and back.
  • Copy of the hospital or facility “Face Sheet”

Before the Flight


Each passenger is only allowed (1) carry-on size (21” roller bag maximum) suit case. Any baggage in excess of this must be communicated to the flight coordinator to ensure that the selected aircraft will have room to accommodate additional luggage.


All passengers over the age of 18 should have a government issued identification.

Air Ambulance Network