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Helping families Since 1971

Who is responsible for seeking out an air ambulance or repatriation flight? If you’re fortunate enough to have a case manager or social worker, the task usually falls to them.   Sometimes, you may not have their help at all and it’s up to the family members. Air Ambulance Network coordinates transfers of patients not only back home to family, but also to nationwide hospitals, nursing homes, or rehabilitation centers throughout the country.

Top-rated services

Nationwide Air Ambulance or Medivac Services are needed when the individual cannot travel by normal means, whether it is by car or by commercial airline. For care, surgery, or just changing addresses, these individuals may need to go to another state.  That’s where Air Ambulance Network can help provide these services. The air ambulance is a chartered jet staffed with certified medical personnel, typically a nurse and paramedic, who specialize in critical care at altitude. Often patients, like the elderly, require IV fluids and oxygen and overall medical monitoring throughout the transfer. Our medical flight teams will attend to all your loved one’s needs.  Options for advanced life support, including ventilator, are available. Often these flights are paid for by hospitals themselves and act in the best interest of both the patient and family.  Our network extends worldwide, so we can arrange repatriation flights as well.

Bedside to bedside care

Air Ambulance or Medivac Services arranges the highest level medical transportation care available. The patient does not have to be in a critical care condition to take advantage of this service. Our medical staff coordinates with your doctor to ascertain any specific requirements for your travel day. Critical care specialists on board will monitor and treat loved ones while in the air. Flight Coordinators on the ground, available 24/7, will ensure everything runs seamlessly from bedside to bedside and remain in frequent contact with your family to give them updates. We take care of everything.

Here is some information on a few states we serve:

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