In-Flight Assistance for the Elderly

When an elderly person’s medical status requires them to fly, Air Ambulance Network is the perfect company to help them through the process. To the surprise of no one, flying can be a difficult and stressful time for elderly passengers. Due to this fact, we here at Air Ambulance Network pull out all the stops to make sure our passengers are as safe, secure, and comfortable as can be. We take all necessary precautions, no matter how drastic, to make everything as convenient as possible and take care of all our patient’s needs.

Here are a multitude of reasons as to why you or your loved one can feel confident in the flight assistance we provide for elderly passengers.

  • Able to provide any variation of support that an elderly passenger might need, from accompanying a medical escort on a commercial flight to treating them with a more care-oriented flight on one of our private aircrafts.
  • Our company-owned private aircrafts are equipped with much of the same medical equipment commonly found in Intensive Care Units, eliminating worries by knowing that we will be prepared for any situation that may arise during the flight.
  • Bed-to-Bed services are available. We will pick up the passenger from wherever is required, transport them to their flight, be attentive of their needs during the flight, and take them to their final intended destination after we land.
  • Employ medical professionals with an extensive knowledge on the processes associated with Air Medical Escorts.
  • Have veteran pilots with thousands of flight hours.
To gather more information about the in-flight services we can provide to elderly passengers, contact the experienced professionals at Air Ambulance Network today.

Air Ambulance Network