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Private Jet Medical Transportation

At Air Ambulance Network, we view private jet charter as a mode of luxurious transportation to far-off places. However, charter flights are often utilized for vital medical transportation as air ambulances. When a patient is unable to travel on domestic flights due to various reasons but still needs to reach a medical facility, private jets offer the best solution. Here at Air Ambulance Network, we employ private jet charter flights equipped with life-saving facilities to assist in safely transporting patients to their destinations. For instance, if someone needs to be transferred to a medical facility located outside their state or return home after treatment and out-of-state surgery, we are always here to provide assistance.

Non-Emergency Medical Flights vs Private Jets

There are various reasons why individuals may require the services of air ambulances, also known as private jets, or non-emergency flights. We have observed that people often face confusion when it comes to booking non-emergency medical transportation, as they struggle to determine the most suitable flight option for their needs. Our experts comprehend the significance of identifying the perfect medical charter planes or air ambulances that cater to your specific requirements. We ensure that your needs are well-addressed in advance. That’s why we offer convenient booking services, ensuring your trip is secure and confirmed without any uncertainties. Below are some of the reasons to book non-emergency private jet medical transportation: Regardless of the reasons, at Air Ambulance Network, we provide professional medical air transportation services that can accommodate a wide range of patients living with various health problems and limited mobility issues as well as bed-ridden patients. Our private jet medical transportation services are well-known and trusted across the states.

How Does the Booking Process Work Here?

There are different stages of how the booking process at Air Ambulance Network works. One of the first things you need to do is call us and set up your flight and discuss the reasons you need non-emergency medical air transportation services and the conditions of your conditions or patients and where you are going and returning. To book our air ambulances, patients must adhere to the following steps mentioned below:
  1. Apply for Our Services

    To book our medical charter services, clients have to apply for our services by filling in a contact form and providing all the details about the patient. This is an important step to be concluded as we arrange the flights and accommodation based on the patient’s unique requirements and where they are going.
  2. Selection of an Aircraft

    Upon getting the details from the client’s end, our team of professionals promptly processes further and selects an aircraft that meets the unique requirements of the patient. In this step, we consider the client’s preferences as well. It should be noted that rapid transportation of patients is only conducted if there’s an availability of our aircraft.
  3. Coming to Terms

    Once an aircraft is chosen and every other process is completed, we contact the patient’s family members and make sure everything is well-suited for the client. In this stage, additional information should be shared to help us process other formalities. It’s important for the patient to re-confirm their departure time to avoid any inconvenience.
  4. Benefits of Booking With Air Ambulance Network

    Here at Air Ambulance Network, we have been providing non-emergency medical transportation services for several years. Therefore, we have the industry experience and expertise to cater to the unique requirements of patients and serve them with the best non-emergency air ambulance medical transportation services. To help your loved ones reach a medical facility safely and comfortably, book a private charter medical flight with us today. We would be happy to accommodate you in every non-emergency situation and be your next and only private jet medical transportation.

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