Air Medical Transport

What is an Air Ambulance or a Medivac Flight?

Air Ambulance or Medivac services are needed when an individual cannot travel via normal means of travel, such as by car or by commercial airline. Air Ambulance transfers patients for a number of reasons: the convenience of private air ambulance offers, a transfer back home to family from a vacation, or due to a higher level of specialized medical care is needed. Often, the patients require IV fluids, oxygen, and overall medical monitoring throughout the transfer or they are on a ventilator. The air ambulance is staffed with critical certified medical flight personnel – usually a critical care nurse and a critical care paramedic.

State-of-the-art medical technology

Air Ambulance aircraft are equipped as flying mobile Jet ICU’s Intensive Care Units (ICU) and are capable of care for the most basic patient to the Critical Care patient. All aircrafts are equipped with the most sophisticated advanced life support equipment, including:
  • Zoll M Series 12 lead Cardiac monitor- defibrillator
  • Full complement of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) drugs
  • All critical care medications
  • State of the art LTV 1200 series transport ventilator
  • Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP)
  • Neonate incubators or baby pod.

Repatriation Flights

Air Ambulance Network also specializes in air medical transport for those individuals who wish to return to the country of their birth. Repatriation reconnects patients with their families. Often these flights are paid for by hospitals themselves and act in the best interest of both the patient and family.

Air Medical Escorts

The patient does not have to be in a critical care condition to take advantage of this service. If the patient needs to lie down and cannot tolerate sitting up then an air ambulance maybe right for you. However, if the patient can tolerate sitting up in a wheelchair a medical escort can be provided to accompany your loved one on a commercial flight. These medical escorts provide a high level of condition care yet without the cost of an air ambulance.

What Kind of Aircraft Do We Utilize?

AAN provides a variety of Advanced Air Ambulance Transportation Services from Critical Care Medflights to elective Air Medical Transport. We can source a wide variety of aircraft to fit your specific needs, such as:

We have pioneered the industry since 1971.

So there is hope for individuals and families of sick or injured loved ones to move safely and comfortably wherever that might take them to or from. One call does it all, 800 880 9451 or 727-934-3999.

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