Air Ambulance Pricing Options

There are several factors that determine an air ambulance services cost:

  • The method of transport (air or ground)
  • The distance transported
  • The medical staff configuration
Medical Transportation can range in cost dramatically depending on all factors of the transport. It is necessary to contact one of our Coordinating Specialist and discuss with them your options and final air ambulance service cost. They will help arrange a transport for you and your loved one that best fits the situation and the most affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pricing

Does my insurance cover the air ambulance cost?
The answer is very rarely does an insurance provider cover the air ambulance cost. The policies of insurance companies are constantly changing and the best way to find out if all or part of your trip is covered is to call us. We will check everything for you.
Does Medicaid or Medicare pay for this service?
In most cases, no. Medicare and Medicaid only covers medical transportation to the closest facility that is medically necessary for the patient.
What forms of insurance do you accept?
We work with all of the major comprehensive health care insurers, for example Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Aetna, AIG and many others. We will work with your insurance company to determine your coverage and we will generally accept their letter of guarantee. You will be responsible only for the amount that they do not cover.
Will Air Ambulance Network help me submit insurance papers?
No, you are required to submit all claims for reimbursement from your insurance company, unless we have pre-approved the transport with your insurance.
What is included in your quote?
Air Ambulance Network’s written quotes are all-inclusive. There are no hidden charges or add-ons. They include air ambulance transportation, supplies, and of course the professional services of the medical transport team. When comparing Air Ambulance Network to other provider’s quotes, please be sure to obtain their quote in writing for your protection. Furthermore, please compare the level of care, number, education and capabilities of the team members. Many providers send one team member and/or they are basic trained emergency personnel such as Basic EMT’s on stable basic life support transports.
We never expect the worst to happen but with Air Ambulance Network, you always have our highly trained critical care team on board, regardless of the patient’s status. If an emergency should arise, they are there to provide care immediately.
What form of payments does Air Ambulance Network accept?
Air Ambulance Network accepts payments in the form of money orders, bank wire transfers, cashier’s checks, personal checks, cash and all major credit cards. Prices are a cash discount, but our Long Distance Medical Transport Coordinators will work with you to process multiple forms of payment if necessary. They are also more than happy to refer you to a financing company. Please provide the patient’s insurance information and we will work with their insurance provider to obtain payment authorization for your patient.

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