Air Ambulance Options for the Elderly

America is getting older. Senior citizens are currently 13 percent of the population, and this number is expected to increase to 20 percent in the next 30 years. If parents are aging, need to travel for medical or other reasons and have health concerns, using an air ambulance is an excellent choice. This mode of transport will get them safely to their destination in the utmost of comfort. 

What is an Air Ambulance?

An air ambulance is an alternative to traditional air travel for those who are elderly and need extra accommodation when they need to go from one place to another. While many older people are very capable and independent in their own homes, waiting in long security lines and sitting in cramped seats on a commercial flight can be overwhelming and upsetting, especially if there are medical issues present. Air ambulance travel is different because it is tailored to the individual emotional and health needs of the patient. The service provides experienced medical staff and can make all of the arrangements in one phone call. 

Flying to Medical Appointments

A large number of elderly people do not go to their medical appointments because they lack the ability to drive themselves and have no other practical options. In some cases, a senior may need to see a specialist in another state where flying is the most efficient way of getting there. In either scenario, an air ambulance can be of assistance. The person will be transported in a comfortable and timely manner to receive the care they need. 

Moving Long Distance

Senior citizens often have physical disabilities and conditions like dementia that make them dependent on others to get them to medical appointments. When adult children and elderly parents live far apart, it is usually more practical to move the parents to a closer location. While this is often a good choice, it requires a great deal of planning and the expertise of an air ambulance company to handle all of the arrangements. All medical needs will be attended to during the trip, and the seniors will arrive safely without having to endure the inconvenience and discomfort of commercial air travel. 

Family Vacations

As parents age, children will often arrange family vacations and reunions to keep the generations connected. The most convenient place for these gatherings can be far away from where the parents live. Hiring an air ambulance service is a practical solution to transport the parents to the event location. All of their medical needs will be taken care of, and the journey will be comfortable, safe and fast. The service is even available to Hawaii and international destinations. Family time is important, and no one should have to miss out due to physical limitations or other health concerns. 

Returning Home

For seniors who are still able to travel around the world, an air ambulance can help them to quickly return home if they somehow become injured or ill on their trip. Many companies contract with providers internationally to ensure the smoothest experience in getting back to the United States. The medical personnel will ensure proper treatment and arrange for transfer to a hospital upon arrival. In this scenario, an air ambulance can truly be lifesaving. 

When transport is needed for the elderly for medical or other reasons, Air Ambulance Network is always standing by to help every step of the way. Visit the website or call 1-800-880-9451.

How to Choose the Best Air Medical Escort

There may come a time when you or a loved one will require the services of an air medical transport. This may be a trip across the county or even to another country. The immediate concern is comfort, but there are several other factors that go into choosing the right transport.

Accreditation and Safety

Before anything else can be decided, the company must be accredited for long-distance medical transport. Ask about FAA, CAMTS and IAMTCS. This matters because it means the company has met the strict standards required to operate its business. This ensures safety for you or your family member. Accreditation also shows the company is reputable.

Services Offered

The next step is to verify that the transport is equipped to deal with your specific medical circumstances. This means having the right type of aircraft for the distance and having the proper equipment on hand for the flight. A comfortable bed, oxygen and toilet facilities are the bare minimum. Keep asking questions from there.

Medical Escort

If you are moving to a new home in another state and just need minimal medical attention during the journey, a medical escort is the perfect solution. The transport company should be able to meet this need with a paramedic, nurse or doctor. In addition, the company should do the following:

• Make all of the arrangements for the entire trip

• Provide ground transportation to and from each airport

• Provide oxygen if needed

• Have licensed personnel who are trained in critical-care transport and aero-medical medicine

To qualify for a medical escort, you or your loved one must be able to transfer from a wheelchair to a plane seat and must also be able to walk with assistance.

Emergency Care

When there is an emergency situation where you need medical transport immediately, how quickly a company responds to your needs will give you an idea of its quality. The staff should be trained and prepared to handle any type of emergency situation and to handle any sort of requests in an efficient manner. Travel should be non-stop whenever possible to reduce the delay time if an emergency should arise.


This is where you need to be careful. Whether you need long-distance medical transport or just an escort, the cost can quickly add up. The best way to avoid this issue is to ask exactly what is included in the service. This will allow to plan and compensate for anything that is not covered. You should also obtain quotes from several companies to compare the services offered and the level of experience.


When you have narrowed your list down, go online to find reviews of each one. Read all of the feedback and make a list of what the customers were not satisfied with. If possible, contact previous customers of the companies and ask them directly if they would recommend the services. Their responses should help you to make a final choice.

Hiring an air medical transport or escort is a big decision that has many different considerations. By doing research, asking questions and visiting each company in person, you can be sure that you are putting your health or that of your loved one into the right hands.


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