Customized Services for the needs of Alabama Patients

The requirement for an Air Ambulance service in Alabama is based on the needs of the patient and their family. Whether travel to or from Alabama Air Ambulance Network is there for you. Air Ambulance transfers from nursing homes like John Knox Nursing Home or a hospital like Athens Limestone Hospital in Athens Alabama.

When is an Air Ambulance right for you?

Air Ambulance transportation can be of a critical nature or a non-critical nature. The key being that the patient is unable to travel by the normal means, either by car or commercial plane to or from Alabama.

In the best of hands, from bedside to bedside

A critical medical team accompanies the patient during the flight, this team can be made up of a paramedic or nurse both being critical care certified. These air ambulance flights can provide oxygen and advance life support including ventilator patients. So there is hope for individuals and families of sick or injured loved one to move safely and comfortably wherever that might take them to or from Alabama.

How Air Ambulance Network Will Help You

Our team of Medical Flight Coordinators will work with your doctors, care facility, and ground transportation to arrange your Alabama Air Ambulance. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and monitor every aspect of our first-rate bedside to bedside service. We use a 19-step quality assurance checklist to ensure a seamless transition on the ground and in the sky. Our attention to detail and exceptional care is what has kept us in business for 40 years. We are a family owned business and we make you part of that family. While in transit, our coordinators will continually update your family, whether they’re in New York or another corner of the globe, to keep them abreast of all information. This communication is one of our key promises and exemplifies our commitment to quality air care. Our Service is Guaranteed, Find Out More Here!

Air Ambulance Network