Commercial Air Medical Escorts

A cost effective alternative to an air ambulance

As long as the patient has the ability to remain in a seated position for a limited time and doesn’t require other forms of electronic life support equipment, an Air Medical Escort may accompany them on a domestic flight through a commercial carrier.  They will receive the same personal attention and Air Ambulance Network’s unparalleled customer service, but for a fraction of the price.

Highly trained air medical escort service caregivers

Your team will be handpicked based on your specific care requirements and current medical condition.  This could mean that your medical escort team would be comprised of one or more people, such as a Critical Care Registered Nurses (CCRN), Critical Care Flight Nurses (CCFN), Critical Care Paramedic (CCEMTP), and/or Registered Respiratory Tech. (RRT). Our medical team members have extensive experience and training in Aero Medical Physiology.  The human body, under certain circumstances, may react differently to high altitude travel than someone who is in good physical condition.  When our team members are not in the air, they are working in local emergency rooms, intensive care units, and fire departments to maintain their skill sets and are continually receiving the most up to date training through partner hospitals or medical units. All Commercial Medical Escorts have at least five years of critical care experience and logged hundreds of medical flight hours.

The advantages of our Air Medical Escorts

Wherever your travel plans may lead you, domestic or international, flying with a Medical Escort has the advantages of: Medical Escorts provide a complete monitoring of the transfer from bedside to bedside and our Flight Coordinators will take care of ticketing, ground transportation and coordinate with attending and receiving facilities. Our team members are the best of the best and Air Ambulance Network is fully licensed and insured.

Our Guarantee to you:

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